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This mod increases the rate at which vampires regain thirst after eating a plasma food item or drinking a plasma drink. This makes it easier to manage a vampire household. The boosts include: plasma fruit, plasma fruit salad, plasma jane mixed drinks, and plasma packs from medical/frogs/fish, as well as the fizzed plasma drink from Eco Lifestyle.

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The Vampires pack makes it difficult to manage a full household of vampires without needing to dedicate all of your time to feeding them. This mod makes it easier for vampires to feed using "vegetarian" options, increasing thirst restoration from 2-4x depending on the object. More complex and time-consuming methods will restore more thirst.

The exception to this is fizzed plasma - unfortunately, the way the developers coded this it is tied to the plasma fruit restoration, which makes it restore less thirst than other options. v2 will include higher thirst restoration for this method.