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This mod replaces all the standalone plugins from FunkyGandalfCat's unique weapons with one merged esl-flagged .esp!

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I adore FunkyGandalfCat's work - the only negative for me was the big load of .esps, since every single weapon has its own and thus occupies several precious .esp slots!

So with the help of tutorials I bring you an ESLified (using ESPFE) and merged (using zEdit) plugin file for several of his weapon mods.
The original mods are still required for their resources so you'll need to download them from their original mod pages.

I also provided one version WITHOUT the Animated Armoury Patches for the Winged Spear and Aegean Sentinel Halberd and one WITH both of them included into the plugin file!

The weapons are spread across the map, all with special locations! Read the orignal mod's descriptions to find them.

Drake Knight Sword and Shield Reborn
Kellerac's Sword
Scythe Of The Crow Mother Reborn
Drake Knight Greatsword
Draconic Brigand Axe Reborn
Draugrslayer Greatsword Reborn
Hag's Breath
Verdant's Axe
Abyssal Gaoler
Bolgan King Sword
Winged Spear
Aegean Sentinel Halberd
Helegel Straight Sword

ESSENTIALLY: All of his releases since "The Heavy Greatsword"

If using the Animated Armoury version:
Animated Armoury or Animated Armoury DAR Modified Conditions

Should be compatible with everything that doesn't edit the exact spots where the weapons are located (even then you can still get them per AddItem).
Let me know if you find any incompatible mods.


NOTE: This is my first time trying something like this and from my testing everything seems to work just fine - if you find any problems let me know and I'll look if I can do something about it. Use at your own risk.
If you don't want to use all of his weapon mods but want them to be ESLified, it's fairly simple to flag them as such one by one. I used this tutorial.