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Adds new variants of the Crates and Barrel static items, lots of them , and distributes them throughout the world using Base Object Swapper.

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Part 4 in a series of mini-mods I have planned to add a little variety to the world and hopefully help it feel more alive. "Small
changes to make a big difference" is my goal with little subtle details.

In the vanilla game, there are 8 shapes of crates and 1 for barels. They come in several varieties or skins, some of which have different material shaders like snow or ash, but many just didn't exist, and mossy objects have nothing.
This does not add variety to the lootable objects. They are often animated and things break with the shaders. That's just a whole other issue I didn't want to tackle.

Using vanilla meshes and including the meshes I made in my modders resource (here), I've allowed for several new varieties of the crates and barrels to show up in your game. The static barrel and all of the static small crates now all have 2 versions each for snow, ash, and moss. This includes the plain crates, weathered crates, and even East Empire Company crates.

In total, it adds 134 variants into the game, my biggest addition thus far!

The new Moss models make use of the "MossMaterialSolstheim01" moss shader from the Dragonborn DLC, which also means it functions perfectly
alongside Shaders of Solstheim - Ash and Moss. Screenshots have the vanilla shader.
The new Ash models use the same ash shaders as vanilla statics, so should match up just fine.
The new Snow models use the same snow shaders as the existing vanilla statics, so again, should match up just fine.

Using the fantastic Base Object Swapper, the provided  _SWAP.ini file swaps the existing models with my new models at random (well, not totally random, it's a rather complex _SWAP.ini to try and be as logical as I could). I've attempted to make the swaps logical. Snowy areas have a large chance of only being snowy objects, Ash areas of being ash objects, dungeons & caves are more mossy, interiors and houses are generally cleaner, etc.

If you really want to fine tune it and dive deep into the madness of my _SWAP.ini file, below is some information on how you can adjust settings yourself if desired.

For my screenshots, I'm using the AIO cities and towns mods by RubberSpaghetti, but any overhauls which use the vanilla crates and barrels, will be effected. So, if you're using mods like JK's Skyrim it will still work just fine. Without mods overhauling the cities and towns, this will still make a big change in the world as it applies globally using the vanilla objects.

Full list of what was added is below, check it out if you really want to know. Be warned, it's long:

Should be compatible with just about any BOS mod as long as they aren't swapping the the same statics as my file.
Seasons? I honestly don't know. I don't use it and am unsure how they would work together.

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ESL flagged ESP,  and as always with my own work, permissions are wide open.