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    • Configuration options

      The HUD has gained a lot of configuration options since its first release. This article goes over each of them and makes suggestions for how to go about changing them.

      Before configuring

      If you are using a controller or intend to use some of the keys dedicated as hotkeys, you might want to unbind them first. The game doesn't show you any user interface for unbinding hotkeys, but you can do this with a control map. The Nexus has a number of control maps for PS and XBox controllers that set things up for you. If you want to make your own tweaks, I suggest you start with this commented control map. One also comes with SoulsyHUD, which you can move into place and edit. (It has a name different from the required name so it doesn't change your controls on you by surprise....

    • Check what i found (a21)

      Hi! In this article you may leave feedback about your loot from lootable vending machines.
      What you need for that:

      * What game version you use
      * what difficulty setting you use
      * what global loot probability you use
      * what perks/buffs your apply (for perk use perk stage (etc 1/5))
      * what vending machine you loot
      * screenshot of your loot!
      Also you can leave comment with your suggestions!...

    • How to edit SoulsyHUD layouts

      Changing positions and size

      Here's the fast version for basic edits, like changing the position or size of a layout:

      Start with a layout that is close to what you want already.
       Launch the game with this layout enabled.
      Go into the SoulsyHUD MCM and make sure you have a hotkey bound for "refresh layout".
      Tab out of the game.
      Open the file SKSE/plugins/SoulsyHUD_Layout.toml with a text editor like Notepad or VSCode. The layout is in TOML format, which is like INI but more structured. It should have comments explaining what each item means.
      Make some changes. Save the file. A good starting change is to move the anchor point of the HUD to change where it's drawn.
      Tab back into the game. Press the refresh key. You should se...

    • M2ext Trainer v2 Add Spawning Bodyguards

      Spawn Bodyguards, change car to any color, spawn any car (even cut), change the wheels, repair the car, refuel and wash the car, super speed, save the game anywhere, Godmode, spawn any person (Create Ped), change the model of the main character (Change Ped), No clip, etc.! Mod works every where!...

    • Allegations

      So basically ever since this mod came up a bunch of kids have been coming out of the woodwork claiming I'm somehow a pedophile bc of an argument I had with a user regarding Lolicon, animated cartoon porn. I had defended it in the past bc I didn't see the issue with it, around that time on my YT channel I was in the crusade of making videos on pedophiles but found that things like that were not related to my work due to how the law in my country doesn't deem it illegal, psychiatric professionals do not deem it as a problem, and law enforcement agencies have gone out of their way to tell people who send it in to stop doing so because it wastes resources that could go to saving actual children. Facts that I've presented to my accusers but they completely disregard and point the finger at me a...

    • Simple Hunting Overhaul - RU

      Использует ванильные системы
      никаких дополнительных меню, анимаций
      совместим с Атмосферными анимациями
      NPC реагируют на вашу охоту, если вы несете тушу животного
      подбирать тушки совершенно необязательно, поэтому вы можете полностью их игнорировать...

    • BUGS

      If you see any bugs Please Report it...

    • Welcome to Minimalistic Overhaul 2.0

      I started this wabbajack with the intention of providing a high end alternative to FUS, as I felt 95% of the screenshots and videos did not do Skyrim VR justice.  A few months post release, the community wanted NSFW contents, but not necessarily full fledged porn game, so I added non-intrusive Sexlab integration to provide a Tahrovin alternative.

      10,000 unique downloads on Nexus later, I am generally pleased with the result given how I require the top 5% hardware on Steam.  I expect the list continue to steadily grow as more and more players upgrade to 3080/4070 or better hardware.  However, I also felt the community needs an alternative to something more like Ultimate VR Essentials, which included Hall of Fame content mods like Legacy of the Dragonborn in addition to refin...

    • Gold Pile Spell

      So I recreated the Gold Pile Spell from Plunket's Gold Piles mod that was exclusively an Oldrim mod. I had it for a while I kept building on it, making bigger piles and spells to go with them. I streamed one night with my buddies and they saw me using the mod and pushed me to upload it. So I got in touch with the OG creator and asked for permission. Thankfully, they were okay with it.

      You'll find the spells in Rorikstead, sitting on the porch of Cowplop Farmhouse (check images).

      Honestly, I missed being able to display your excess gold like you could in Morrowind, so I'm glad I and other folks can do it now....

    • Some text is scrambled or otherwise incorrect

      There is a chance that your strings files, which are used to handle text in the mod, are mismatched with the mod. This can happen if you extract the patch BSA(s) into your data folder and then update the mod, without re-extracting the new patch BSA(s). Because loose files are given priority, this means you'll be using the old, extracted strings files with the updated mod ESL, and will see text mismatches. You should either not extract this mod's files (my recommendation), or extract the updated version's BSA every time you update....

    • Optional File 1

      **Will Have Separate Files for Max Level Cap and Max Stats for Level Progression , DO NOT ADD THESE ON THE MAIN FILE , Its already Included!**...

    • Update Version 1.2

      ** Version 1.2 **
      Increased the Max Stats to gain from leveling up to 1000 (Was 500) , WARNING EAT ALOT OF FOOD AND WATER when you reach these stats!...

    • Performance Settings for use with all presets

      For everyone:

      Please turn the DOF Slider in Game off, ENB has a setting to disable the DOF setting but it does not always seem to work (from what I have seen).
       In game DOF is under system -> Settings -> Display. There you can set it to off (Slider all the way to the left).
      For Users who use the Skyrim Launcher to change settings:

      Anti Aliasing, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion(Optional) , Snow Shaders, Lens Flares to off
      Decal Quality, Shadow Distance, Godray Quality to high or medium,
      Shadow Quality to medium or low,
      All shadows are drawn using the CPU in Gamebro games like Skyrim or Fallout, so if you have script heavy mods or are using extra effects for things like ENB then it is best t...

    • Dragonbane Hidden Bug Fix

      If you got a mod that adds armor to dragons....

    • Bandit Hideout and Reinforcement ini settings how does it work

      Whenever I go to a bandit hideout a HUGE amount of enemies show up.The following is an explanation of how the bandit hidout and reinforcements work in the mod
      and how to tweak the Bandit_Hideout.ini settings for them.

      These are the settings you need to look at if your getting to many bandits at a hideout
      i highlighted the ini settings in yellow, green notes below are where i explain the settings:
      HIDEOUT_BANDITS_MIN=13          // The minimum amount of bandits you can encounter in a hideout.
      HIDEOUT_BANDITS_MAX=23         // The maximum amount of bandits you can encounter in a hideout.
      // Every hideout has a maximum number of band...

    • The After Prohibition Mod

      The Skill List

      Illegal Drugs 101
      Illegal Drugs 102
      The Introduction To Hemp (Basic Cannabis Production)
      Cannabis Smuggling (Bulk Cannabis Production)
      The Introduction To Opium Poppy (Basic Opium Production)
      Opium Smuggling (Bulk Opium Production)
      The Introduction To Coca (Basic Cocaine Production)
      Coca Smuggling (Bulk Cocaine Production)
      Weapon Smuggling (Basic Weapon Production)
      Beginner Escort Management (Found In Casinos Once Unlocked)
      Fancy Brothels And Main Street Escort Management (Upgrades Found In Casinos Once Unlocked)
      Loan Shark Management (Upgrades Found In Casinos Once Unlocked) (NEW)

      Skill Tree

      Loan Shark Management (Unlocks Weapon Smuggling And Beginner Escort ...

    • Known conflicts with other mods

      Known conflicts with other mods

      "Medieval buildings"

      Medieval buildings adds a barrier grass to the place, where the farmhouse originally is located, while this mod changes the place of the farmhouse. That looks like this:

      Solution: Go to the config of of Medieval buildings and change the "MapEdit" to false

      "TMXL Map Toolkit" and Extra Map Layers

      Technically this is not a bug with this map, more than a bug between the two mods above. As soon as a map (like this one) uses the Map Layer Front2, the tiles starts flickering in the game. That could look like this fence here:

      Solution: Check if you really need TMXL for any other of your mods, otherwise delete it...

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